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Don't suffer a toothache without treatment! Just call us to discuss your problem and we will try to book you in the same day as soon as possible. A toothache might be a sign that you have a problem that requires dental care, and waiting to get care could make the problem harder to fix. Don't delay. Call us at +1 (403)-252-7733 to schedule an appointment at the earliest available time.

We offer same day appointments during our office hours. We at Expressions Dental™ located in NW Calgary, offer dental care on an emergency basis even if you are not a regular patient of ours. We offer dental care for many dental problems like:

Toothache Treatment in Calgary On An Emergency Basis


A Toothache is a generalized word used to describe any pain in or around a tooth. There are many reasons for a toothache, like food lodged in between teeth, infected gums, dislodged fillings or crowns and cracked teeth. Sometimes hidden cavities may get exposed to cause some toothaches and if you have sensitive teeth, you can suffer from a toothache if you eat something too sour or sweet, or too hot or cold.

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Teeth Extraction in Calgary On An Emergency Basis

Tooth extraction

In case you are suffering from extreme pain and your tooth has deteriorated to the point that it cannot be saved, we suggest extracting it. For people who are afraid of teeth extractions, we have a few sedation options available. Talk to us to see which one might be right for you. Read More

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Wisdom Teeth Removal in Calgary On An Emergency Basis

Wisdom tooth extraction

Sometimes, a toothache may arise not because of tooth decay or lodged food, but because of insufficient space for your wisdom teeth. In such conditions, your wisdom tooth or teeth may need to be extracted.

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Root Canal Removal in Calgary On An Emergency Basis

Root canal

We suggest a root canal for emergency treatment when a dental pulp dies, is diseased or traumatized. On removing the pulp, we replace the gap with a root canal filling. A root canal treatment can take 1 to 2 appointments. Some people choose to have the tooth extracted instead, Talk to us to see which option works best for you. Read More

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Impacted Teeth Removal in Calgary On An Emergency Basis

Removal of impacted teeth

Impacted teeth may not cause any symptoms but may become problematic and require extraction. Such conditions would be if they start causing damage to adjacent teeth, become infected and symptomatic, or form cysts or tumors. We can check for impacted teeth at a dental checkup.

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Child Dental Care in Calgary On An Emergency Basis

Children's dental care

We offer emergency treatment to adults and children alike. We do our best to put your child at ease every step of the way and try to make dental checkups fun. So if you or your child suffer from any dental problems and require immediate assistance, call us at +1 (403)-252-7733 to discuss your problem, recommend options, and book an emergency appointment as soon as possible the following day. We answer calls until 10PM 7 days a week on the phone to ensure that we offer you emergency advice. Read More

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